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Kids Playing Soccer


PaceGuard's purpose is to allow implant recipients of all ages to enjoy the benefits of sports, activities, and everyday life while potentially reducing the risk of injury.


PaceGuard was developed out of necessity, to offer better protection, peace of mind, and greater confidence for those with implant devices participating in physical activities.

We are champions of the resilient, because nothing can keep us on the sidelines.


PaceGuard was created circa 2008, when young Zoie wanted to play softball, but couldn't find a discreet, effective form of protection for her pacemaker.  Doctors suggested a catcher's vest, but wearing this under her uniform made her feel self-conscious, embarrassed, and uncomfortable.

When Zoie's mom asked for help, she turned to her neighbor Frank, who had an extensive background in both Athletic Training and Civil Engineering.  Frank designed the PaceGuard, a first-of-its-kind, customized protective shield for Zoie's pacemaker site that was both discreet and effective.

After several years of research, development, and perfecting the design, PaceGuard was born.  Since then, hundreds of pacers across the world have been able to Play for Life with this remarkable device.

To hear from real PaceGuard champions, visit our testimonials page.
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